press release BMW 3 Series FLUIDUM designed by Andy Reiben

Press release:

Visual artist Andy Reiben made from BMW a work of art

        When there is an interesting idea and enthusiasm, this may result in literally a work of art. In the beginning there was a bold vision of the company of DyCom Group from Karlovy Vary, a BMW authorized dealer, to create in the Czech Republic, in the very heart of Europe, an interesting project that would integrate the two seemingly very different worlds of premium quality cars and quality original art. The idea arose of providing the selected visual artist with a brand new BMW car and let him creative freedom to transform it in a unique colour picture.

        A Czech artist Andy Reiben, who represents an international portfolio of artworks BUYFEEL, was invited to participate in this project.

         In the words of DyCom Group Managing Director, Mr. Petr Hencl, the choice was clearly given because they were impressed by the very specific and original manuscript of Andy Reiben’s works of art which are full of emotions, reactions and dynamics.

        Within a few days Andy Reiben turned a BMW 3 Series car in the vibrant, colourful and unique work of art. To create this, he used a number of specific painting pigments that significantly use the light and angle of view. In addition to iridescent and fluorescent paints Reiben used on the entire surface of the car in various details especially photo luminescent paints which make the car phosphoresce in the dark thus creating a completely new and different artistic experience and appearance. It is a car which has a spirit. It has many faces and forms. It symbolizes passion, desire, balance, strength and energy.

        The author gave his work the name “FLUIDUM”. The name really is apt, because the term “fluidum” is often encountered in the literature in a fairly broad and diverse definition and is generally regarded as a fine invisible substance that is imponderable, intangible and radiates energy. It expresses particular charm and charisma of a personality or a place.

         „It was a big challenge…“ says Andy Reiben next to the finished work, which in full glory and the spotlight stands on a specially created place in the showroom of BMW DyCom Group in Karlovy Vary and adds: „ it really is a strange feeling when you as a painter are standing in front of the hood of a beautiful black car and you are to make the first dot by the brush, which then will dance about the body to your notes and ideas and will turn everything in brilliant colour artwork. I love cars, speed and adrenaline. I wanted to abstractly express passion and dynamism and therefore each part of the body is different and tells a story. On the front hood there is the birth and taming of the power, right and left sides express the balance of power, day and night; the rear part symbolizes resistance and the roof sinuosity and barriers on most routes. Triple line across the whole car on one hand indicates series designation of the original vehicle and on the other the clenched claws as if you wanted to stop the beast that tries escape. The painting is plastic to the touch, throws various reflections, changes colours and has a double face. It comes to life in intense light as well as in the dark. In complete darkness the colours shine and create the illusion of unbounded light illusion… simply the Fluidum. ”

         Many important artists from around the world, such as Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Jenny Holzer, Frank Stella, Jeff Koons, Robert Rauschenberg or Roy Lichtenstein, participated on similar art projects in the past. Cars that gained a completely new and unique face thanks to the specific design of famous artists are now respected artworks.

         „The car transformed by Andy Reiben into a work of art is phenomenal…“ adds DyCom Group company executive, Petr Hencl, on the occasion of the gala performance of this car and continues: „… we are excited. In our newly renovated BMW showroom it cannot be overlooked. During the year we will be honoured to present this BMW with the artistic name FLUIDUM at numerous social events and exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad.“

 The official introduction of the car Fluidum by Andy Reiben in spring 2013 is the beginning of cooperation, which will continue to combine BMW and art with the idea that good things just belong together.

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 CONTACT TO ARTIST:  Andy Reiben;;; mobil: +420 605 280 392