Andy Reiben is the artistic pseudonym, used by Czech artist and behavioural pathologist PhDr. Andrej Drbohlav.

      Andy Reiben founded The BUYFEEL (International portfolio of unique art and emotions), which is one of the largest virtual gallery exclusively representing creative artists in Central Europe. As an artist, he is known for his very specific original writings, dynamic colourfulness, unusual materials and works of art that always tell a story or describe certain artistic phenomena or processes.

Under his civil name Andrej Drbohlav he devoted time to research, lecturing and publishing in the field of extreme forms of behavioural pathology and psychopathology, which is his current field of interest, focusing in particular on the subjects of polymorphic pathology, Intermittent explosive disorder, malignant narcissism, and on the profile of a serial killer.

Art name Andy Reiben
Civil name: Andrej Drbohlav
born: 1980 (Czech Republic)
title:  PhDr.
  • 2009 – Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts (Rigorous studies)
  • 2003 University of Hradec Králové, Department of social studies (Etopedie – behavioral and emotional disorders)
  • 1998 – Secondary school of education in Litomysl (atelier of Art education)